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6 Abbey Business Park, Baldoyle, Dublin 13, Ireland
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Listening & Observing


Conversations with retailers centre around the 'new normal' and what does that look like during this pandemic and beyond. Essential retailers have had to implement manual processes and systems to prevent the spread of Covid-19, while also trading as usual. Other retailers have been forced to close and they too are wondering what the future looks like.

Reacting Quickly


Our team have acted quickly to re-purpose our algorithms and also write new code in an effort to releasing our Physical Distance Controls application. We are delighted to be fully supported by Cisco Meraki and AWS to offer this application as a free trial until June 2020. You will also receive a free trial Meraki Camera.

Other Industries and the future


Word has spread quickly about our new application and customers in other industries have been wondering if this application can be deployed to assist them in getting back to work sooner. We believe that in the post Covid-19 world, businesses will be required to set thresholds and report on their safe occupancy levels.


After detection, what happens next?

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