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Be Camera Ready

Whether you have already installed an estate of Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras, or are about make the investment for your business, we work hand in hand with a worldwide network of Meraki Partners. We can advise on camera specification, placement, angle and quantity of cameras required to perfectly achieve the defined outcomes you wish to obtain from our computer vision applications for your business.


See & Understand

To harness the inbuilt power of your Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras, we develop custom applications to make sense of the visual and audible data you are already collecting. Our algorithms transform your cameras into powerful IoT devices which recognise the world they are sensing. This enables endless possibilities to interpret images, make correlations, decipher sounds and more.


Valuable Analytics

Now that your MV Smart Cameras can understand the world they see and hear, they can act accordingly. That could mean sending alerts based on certain events or patterns. Or it might be showing you the bigger picture of aggregated data on a custom dashboard, enabling better business decisions. Chat with EVA (Everyangle Virtual Assistant) to retrieve information about what she has seen and heard today.

Our new application in response to Covid-19

Physical Distance Controls for Essential Retail, Construction and Manufacturing
app collection

An App for Every Outcome

PPE Detection

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Detection uses computer vision analysis to recognise people who are not in compliance with safety codes in a given environment. An example would be not wearing a hard hat on a construction site. Aside from alerts to safety managers, the app can integrate with entry access systems to deny entrance to non-compliant personnel or visitors.

Warehouse Intelligence

Warehouse operators can now protect and streamline operations in real-time, without complex supply chain analytics software. Through real time object detection combined with text and barcode search capabilities, this App continuously analyses warehouse activity to help accelerate material flow paths, decrease picking path travel time, reduce packing errors and optimise inventory layout to match product velocity.

Customer Waiting

This App uses facial detection to identify customers entering areas not typically staffed on a permanent basis and who have not yet been attended to for a specified length of time. Alerts can be reported automatically to floorstaff by SMS or What'sApp, while desk-based manger can be alerted by Webex Teams, Slack or MS Teams. Each alert also includes an image of the customer, to enable immediate intervention.

Suspicious Person Detection

This app uses artificial intelligence to detect if a person is suspicious and reacts to any instances of a possible physical threats such as face concealment or obvious weapons. We can set up a variety of notification channels based on the immediacy of the event such as siren, flashing light, email, text message or any messenger. It could also talk to other IoT devices such as smart alarm systems or shutters.

Custom Built Apps

If you have a business challenge you are finding hard to solve, or maybe you have a great idea already, perhaps a need to integrate with an important third-party business system? Our developers use the powerful Meraki API to build custom motion, light, audio, IoT and Virtual Reality applications. Speak to us to discuss your use-case.


Cisco Meraki x EVERYANGLE

Meraki Smart Cameras are IoT Sensors

Harry from Cisco Meraki explains how they have built their MV range to allow 3 party developers to utilise the API within their IoT Senors. He also takes you through the impressive Meraki Dashboard.

Integrating with Meraki MV Sense

David from EVERYANGLE explains how we integrate our applications with the Meraki MV Sense API to leverage the camera's powerful features. He also gives some examples of uses cases and the kinds of information that can be delivered to the end customer.

Know What's Happening
in Your Business

Customised Dashboards allow you to see key data important to your business. That might be simple stats like footfall or more advance statistics such as conversion rates or bounce rates. You can also look at multiple sites in your network to comparison and set benchmarks. Finally brick and mortar retailers can utilise the same level of data previously only available to online retailers.

Triggers can be set to your own specific business requirements which send alerts to key members of staff based on defined parameters. An example could be a security staff member being alerts by SMS (or message system) of asuspicious person entering, along with a snap shot of the person in question. Or perhaps you would like a warehouse manager to be alerted to unauthorised people in restricted areas. Theses events based actions can also be extended to other IoT devices such as sound systems or door access control.

We have developed the EVERYANGLE Virtual Assistant (EVA) to allow you to pull data from your MV Smart cameras on an ad-hoc basis. Type in “bag, exit, today” and EVA will retrieve all the footage of people leaving your premises with bags. Or maybe you would like to see who fell or tripped in your store, simply ask EVA to show you. No more tedious scrolling through hours of footage manually.

Beyond just security Beyond just security

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